I’m angry

I’m just angry…about everything it seems like. Maybe it’s that I haven’t had time to go to the gym and run it out. Who knows.

I’m still angry that my friend blew me off over Thanksgiving, I’m angry about something I can’t write about on here, I’m angry that my friends are flakes, I’m angry that my roommate now not only has the bigger room, but now has control over the windows (cool air and natural lighting) of the apartment. I’m also angry about the way he “cleans,” and the fact that he’s just all around out for only himself. Just now I asked him to call about the cable box being broken because the cable company won’t talk to me (because he won’t put me on the account) and he said, “uhmm…ooook, I’ll try to call tomorrow.” I told him they’re open and he could call right now so he doesn’t have to call at work tomorrow (since he always points out how busy he is. He said,”ok, I’ll think about it.” WTF?!? He’s laying in bed watching his fantasy football scores change. Why can you not call about the cable box?!? I’m angry.

Update: Ironically she called 12 times while I was writing this. I’m trying to let it go. She made an effort. He called the cable people tonight. They won’t be here until Sunday to fix it. I want HBO to make the fact that I don’t have tv for a week better!

I’m angry that a friend made plans with Gail on her birthday and wrote her an email making it sound like she was trying to get out of the plans they’d made that night. Gail told her that was fine, but called me and it was clearly not fine and since Gail couldn’t say much else, I sent her a blank email with the subject: “You’re bailing on Gail on her birthday?!?”

She wrote this back: “I am NOT bailing, I have a HUGE party tmrw that I am VERY stressed out about right now and things arent done…plz dont say that I am bailing on her…i am trying to make everythign[sic] happen here. Dont worry about[sic]…I htink[sic] we will get a mani pedi together…”

I responded: “I’m just trying to make sure someone still takes her out on her bday. She was disappointed earlier and I can’t fix it. I know she wasn’t planning to go out til she made plans with her. Just thinking how I’d feel on my bday. I mean, don’t put her off for tanning. You’d be hurt if someone that that to you.”

I didn’t hear back from her, but the following day I emailed her and said, “Gail said you were “livid” yesterday that I called you out…but I’m glad you still went out with her. It was nice.”

Again I didn’t hear from her. I didn’t talk to her until Friday night when we went out in a group for Gail’s bday. She didn’t speak to me, so I asked how the party was. “It was amazing.” Then I asked how the dress she’d bought and had altered was. “It was perfect.” We didn’t speak the rest of the night and she left without saying goodbye to me, but made sure to say goodbye to everyone else. I sent her a texting asking her to call me tomorrow (yesterday) so we could talk about this. She called about 7 and I didn’t answer, but I told Gail she’d called. Gail told me to answer the phone. I listened to the message the friend left and it started, “Yes, I recieved all your emails and yes, I was very hurt by them,” then she proceeded to talk about how if I want to save our friendship I can call her, etc. I called her back because Gail asked me to and that’s the first thing I told her. It’s actually the only thing I got to tell her because she hung up on me. Awesome, right? I called back and immediately she launched into a session of bitching me out. Every time I tried to get a word in she cut me off which is VERY typical of her. Finally I hung up and we haven’t spoken since. I haven’t hung up on someone in years.  I haven’t yelled on the phone in years.  Amazing how she can bring out the high school in me.  What does that say about…nevermind, I’m truncating that thought.  Whatever, I think she’s being over dramatic. I don’t think I was in the wrong. I was trying to protect a friend, which I did, and that’s that. I said my piece, she said hers, why carry it out and cause all this stupid drama over something that’s done?! Whatever, I’m done with it. Apparently I don’t “care enough to salvage what’s left of our friendship.”

So all around I’m just an angry person lately and I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit.


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