Back to the south

My travel experience yesterday was probably the worst I’ve had from New York to home yet. When I booked my ticket I decided I didn’t want to leave til Saturday evening so I would have the day to clean and pack and run errands so I wouldn’t be rushed after work Friday. The best time to go happened to be a flight out of Newark, which I have traveled through, but never into or out of. The consensus of the best way to travel to Newark is to take the train to the airtrain. It was relatively easy and painless until we got to the Newark stop. I got my things and made my way to the door, which closed as I got to it. It didn’t reopen until the next stop. I have budgeted myself just enough time because I met with a friend who was visiting on his way to Israel for dinner. I had actually planned to leave a bit earlier, but our witress forgot to enter our food order, so I have to take my second train option, leaving me no time for error. So, I went to the next stop and had to wait for the train again. I waited for about 30 minutes.

Getting from the train to the airtrain and to my terminal was quite easy. Then when I got to the counter to check my bag they wouldn’t let me, they said it was too close to my flight to check a bag. Then they turned their back to me again to continue the conversation they were having about how they were ticket people, not gate people. I broke into their conversation again to see what I needed to do and I was told, there’s nothing you can do, you’re going to have to find a way to fit one of your bags in another because they won’t let you through security with all that luggage. Then I got a back to me again. I bent down and as fast as I could tried to stuff everything in my purse into another bag and then fit me purse in there too. I finally got my purse stuffed into my already overstuffed (with Christmas presents) dufflebag and went to security. Of course the line was long. Fabulous. I called to tell my parents I could very well miss my flight. At security I was told there was nothing they could do to help me, but I should make my flight just fine. I was still freaking out.

Once I made it to my flight they were just bording the last group of people. I made it. *sigh* We took off late, which meant we would land late, plus the pilot was playing “avoid the storms,” so we zigzagged all over the country. We finally landed an hour late. While walking toward baggage claim and the area where you can be picked up I walked past 2 men talking. One said to the other, “He lost his wallet? Are you shittin’ me?” My first thought was of Sweet Home Alabama where Reese Witherspoon says to her ex, “you know, I’ve never really understood that word, but no I am not shitting you.” It made me smile. I think I got home and made it to bed about 2am. So tired…but I did get to sleep with a girl.


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