So my heater is a boiler in the basement and I have no control over the temperature what-so-ever other than the windows that are in my roommate’s bedroom.  He seems to enjoy a cave like atmosphere in our apartment though and keeps the shades drawn, letting no natural light enter our apartment and keeping the windows closed so it stays a scorching 85 or so in our place.  This makes it very undesirable to cook, bake or sleep under a blanket.  Very frustrating.  I have a comforter and I want to use it!  I like to bake, I like to cook, I have lots of dishes, I want to use them!  Last night I came home and he wasn’t there so I opened the window and turned on our fans.  It cooled the apt down some, which was nice.  When he got home it was still open and he said he’d try to keep it open, but “there’s a beep in the street that gets in his head.”  I used to live in that room and I kept the windows open and slept through the beeping.  It can be done.  Really.  It’s not ok with me that he has control over the windows and keeps it dark and 85 in our place.  The other night I got 3 hours of sleep because I couldn’t fall asleep (because of the heat).  It makes me angry.


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