He’ll be back

On Wednesday my brother left for Fort Bragg where he will be until mid-February. I didn’t say goodbye to him. He is going to Afganistan to sweep up and hand out candy from there. On Christmas night at dinner he and I got into a disagreement that turned into an argument. For the first time I can ever remember, my parents sided with him. Ever since he got his orders, my parents have stopped parenting him. They don’t want to be disagreeable with him, because they don’t want “to lose him” before he goes off to war. He’s been a regular ass for the last few months never considering the effect his actions are having on other people. I would venture to say the only time he’s considered anyone was when he bought our Christmas presents and even then Athena told him what to get me and I told him what to get Mom. People go to war all the time and come back all the time. They’re afraid to lose him before he goes, but what about when he comes back and says, “why did you let me…?”

Everyone thinks I’m an ass for not telling him goodbye, but I didn’t care to. I still don’t care to speak to him. Before I left he threw scissors at me and stabbed me in the hand. He was rude. He didn’t consider my parents or our family and he came and went as he pleased. I wish I got along with him, but I don’t. Maybe I’ll hug him after his 400+ days are done.


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