…is one of my oldest college friends.  I miss seeing him at church on Sundays.  Granted, we didn’t hang out often in college, but I have very fond memories of both when we did and the man that he is.  Last night I had a conversation with him that made me wish I could do whatever he needs to make his life a little better for a while.  I can empathize, but I can absolutely not even pretend to understand.  He has more going on at once than I have ever had to deal with at one time.  Last night as much as I wanted to do more, I could only offer to listen.  I will never understand what it’s like to experience all that he’s having to handle right now and I know from being in a situation similar to one of his that anything I say will only sound stupid.  Why waste my breath and our time in being useless, so I did the best I could and offered my shoulder and ears.  I want to support him as much as I can from this far away.  I want to help him and for him to feel better.  I just hope that he doesn’t get stuck in a life he doesn’t want because it’s what’s best for everyone else.  What he did is right for him right now, but it won’t be forever and I hope he can remember that.  I hope he can live just a little for himself, he’ll need to.  I’ve been mentally hugging Mark for the last few days whether he knows it or not.  I hope my listening helped, cause it’s all I’ve got.


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