Summary of a trip “home” from August 2005

-No matter how little you cry, your 5 year old cousin’s grave will bring you to tears
-My uncle was an alcoholic
-Angela doesn’t like Donald
-No matter how strong my family acts, my aunt is dying and it hurts
-I’ve gained 10 lbs and my clothes are getting too small. I have to start working out again.
-I was asked on at least 6 different occasions all by different members of my family when I’m getting married
-Bob can draw Roz in a matter of seconds
-Hitch once; Finding Nemo twice – all within 24 hours
-There is NOTHING to do in Midland, MI
-Natashia, Athena, and Becca are all super important to me
-There is always crying involved when my mom’s side of the family says goodbyes because they’re never really sure they’ll see each other alive again
-Liz is the most fun aunt you could ask for
-Eucher is a great way to spend a night with Grandpa, Dad & U.G.
-Angela is 14 and a great girl
-We don’t know what Steven & Angela know about U. Scott or Jimmy, so we just don’t talk about them when they’re around
-I am an adult now
-“Bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny!”
-“John Deere, John Deere, John Deere, John Deere! Penn State! Pfbtttt!!!”
-Uncle Mark likes to hear himself talk and can be a little too opinionated for anyone’s good
-Grandma will NOT buy everything on the list (and for that I get a new jacket!)
-Fresh picked blueberries in relatively small doses constantly are a little piece of heaven
-I don’t think Aunt Laura is happy and being around our family reminds her of when she was. That hurts, so she stays away.
-Shopping in Rockford, even when you don’t buy anything is great bonding time for the girls
-I am allergic to the state of Michigan
-You can still remember old best friend’s phone #s when you haven’t dialed them in 10 years
-I have lived in Texas for exactly 10 years (to the day)
-The things you once thought were important really aren’t
-There’s always more out there
-Jacob has a UT tshirt that he is ADORABLE in!
-Jacob is incredibly intelligent for a 3 yr. old
-As much as I don’t want to like David, I do. I thought about him all week.
-Traverse City is still beautiful
-Michigan gets really hot, esp. when it’s 93, 96% humidity and Grandma and Grandpa have no AC
-Basements, air mattresses and fans make for great sleeping conditions
-It’s ok to call in sick every once and a while
-Candice is a good friend no matter how hard a time she gives me
-Angela was excited to see us. I got a hug as soon as I walked through the door; no awkward pause.
-Dad makes good bonfires
-Uncle Gary & Dad make great bonfires
-No matter how hard or close you throw a marshmallow it doesn’t hurt
-Marshmallow fights are cheap, innocent, serious entertainment
-It feels good to be in bed before midnight consistently
-I still know my way around Midland
-No one appeared to have been to Uncle Greg’s grave in a long time; Matthew & Uncle Luke’s graves are kept up well and it made me sad for Uncle Greg
-At Boone’s you can split a meal for one and still have too much for two
-Always smile at a boy as you leave who has been looking at you all night; you feel pretty & might improve his night
-I love my new camera and took 250 pictures in a week
-“Boys will be boys”
-Blue moon ice cream remains my favorite (it’s a flavor they only have up north)
-Steven is a ham
-I am going to be called Angela 3 times in 5 minutes by Grandpa (much more than once)


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