An Intersting Trip Home

I have a lot of things to write about. Kenny’s bday party, guys at Empire Cafe, fight on Christmas (brother), Family with cops, knitting

I never wrote this entry, but what is above is what I wrote to remind myself what I wanted to write about…so, quickly:

  • Kenny’s bday party was  a much larger crowd than normal this year.  I like seeing that girls who weren’t nice in high school have gained weight.  Terrible of me, I know.
  • At Empire Cafe with a friend there were 2 guys, 1 creepy one who got out of their car about the same time as me and were right in front of us in line.  When we were catching up, since we hadn’t talked in a while, creepy guy kept evesdropping and actually turned around to tell us he was.  Then he kept coming near where we were sitting and staring.  Then they walked out right after us, stopped their car behind where we were parked and watched us.  Sooo weird.
  • My brother got into an argument at Christmas dinner and for the first time I can ever remember my parents sided with him.  I got upset and left the room.  Later Mom came to talk to me about it and I made her cry, which made me cry.  My brother is an ass.
  • The new family that has moved in on the corner constantly has cops outside the house.  He abuses her.  He threw their tv out the front door and smashed it on Thanksgiving Day.  On Christmas Eve he was beating her, the neighbors called the cops and he took off with a rifle.  A couple days later he came back and barricaded himself in the house with the rifle.  It all ended in only a restraining order.  If I were her I’d be afraid for my life and out of that house.
  • I knit a black cabled hat and a chunky red scarf
  • Brother threw scissors at me and stabbed me in the hand.  He never apologized.  All because I wanted to change the song he was listening to.  His wife sided with me.  I like her even though I didn’t want to.

One response to “An Intersting Trip Home

  1. Holy shit! This is down the street from my sister?!

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