Useless Resolutioning

So we are 2 weeks into the new year; less than 2 weeks into the work year and already I’m considering throwing away my new years resolution.  I don’t, like many people, resolve to be a better person, that won’t happen; and I don’t resolve to be less fat, I like to eat.  I did, however, resolve to pick up my phone.  It’s easier to take calls as they come, I have fewer messages to return (and listen to).  It is, however, very time consuming.  I continue to get stuck on the phone with people I don’t care to talk to and the call usually ends in a, “well, why don’t you go ahead and email me,” or “ok, I’ll email you.”  I’d just like to say, if you want to work with me, email me and I will remember you.  Most of the time, if you call me, unless I really know you, once I hang up the phone I can’t remember who I was just talking to.  I may quit answering my phone again and that way I can call back the people who matter.  Or email them.


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