Inactively Losing

Last night I made it to the gym for the second time since the beginning of December.  I blame it on work…that’s my industry.  In December we are planning and doing everything it takes to make a campaign go live, we are partying (a lot) and networking and drinking (or in my case making excuses to get out of drinking).  I had parties nearly every day in December and when I didn’t I had dinners and when I didn’t I stayed late at work (which seems to be my life).  So I typically weigh in at 137.  It’s very consistent and about as regular as the sunrise.

So, yesterday I made it to the gym and it was great.  Granted, I meant to get there about 8 so I could watch American Gladiators, but I finally got there about 8:45.  Meh, I had work to do.  Anyway, I weighed myself and I was 134.  I’ve pretty consistently been 134 since about Thanksgiving.  I don’t know how I managed to do it, and I know 3 lbs isn’t a ton, but when I haven’t changed my eating habits and I haven’t been working out, how I lose 3 lbs is beyond me.

Now, I know there’s the argument that when you stop working out you lose muscle, but I don’t actively life weights (yes, I know I should).  You could say it’s leg muscle from running, but I still walk everywhere, I bet maybe 3 miles a day.  I don’t know how I did it, but I certainly don’t mind it.  I can’t tell a difference, but I’m hoping last night was my first night back to hitting the gym the way I like to so that I can lose a little more and just be consistent in my routine.  I like working out, it makes me feel better.  I need to stop working so much!

Anyway, on a more positive note, I woke up this morning and was already sore, which means this afternoon is going to be awesome!  I LOVE that sore feeling you get when your muscles have been ripped and are healing.  Awesome.


One response to “Inactively Losing

  1. Thanks for the link. Keep training…it’s the only thing that keeps me from committing a homicide.

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