Handle it

So this morning on the platform waiting for the train a woman stepped between myself and the person I was traveling with.  She was walking significantly slower than us and didn’t seem to notice how blatantly in the way she was.  Finally I got around her on the crowded platform and caught up to the other person.  I say finally, but really it was about 3 annoying seconds.  Then we all got in the same train car and she was in the middle where you had to reach up and hold the handles above the people sitting.  At one point the train turned a bit and it was too much for her to handle herself.  She ended up with her knees on the person she was “standing” in front of and he hands on the window behind them to hold herself up.  Then the train corrected and turned a bit back the other way and she started to tip back.  She flailed and grabbed the handle above her, but almost missed.  I smirked and the person I was with read my thoughts, which were this:  It is ridiculous when you allow yourself to become so heavy that you can’t handle your own weight.


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