He doesn’t realize I’m not joking

Al (11:52:27 AM): Loser
Me (11:52:49 AM): poser
Al (11:53:38 AM): wanna be
Me (11:54:04 AM): it took you a minute and all you could come up with was “wanna be?”
Me (11:54:12 AM): Don’t forget…I don’t change my accent.
Al (11:54:41 AM): ohhhhhhhh, still upset that I can walk in both worlds and you can’t
Al (11:54:45 AM): sucks to be us
Al (11:54:49 AM): you*
Al (11:54:50 AM): not us
Me (11:55:17 AM): well, I’m sure it sucks to be you when you don’t know who you are so much so that you have to play 2 roles.
Al (11:56:18 AM): ouch, I am just multi layered… like an onion!
Me (11:56:51 AM): yup, I can see that…you def make me cry.
Al (11:57:25 AM): heart break doesn’t count honey
Me (11:57:39 AM): oh, no sweetie, you hurt me.  physically.
Me (11:58:06 AM): make my stomach a little ill too.  I mean, I didn’t realize it was you, but then you left and I quit feeling nauseous daily.
Me (12:00:52 PM): lunch
Al (12:12:45 PM): enjoy
Al (12:13:14 PM): by the way, I was thinking of a come back but nothing came to me and I got a phone call
Me (12:13:46 PM): haha
Me (12:13:49 PM): Point me.
Al (12:14:37 PM): you have won this day, but I shall return
Me (12:16:08 PM): mmhmmmm

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