You know it’s too cold when…

You mistake a comment abeout the temperature for a comment about the time…

A: are you enjoying your long weekend?
Me: It is fantastic! How is/was your weekend?
A: i cooked all sat, and lounged all sunday
Me: nice
Me: it’s cold there, huh?
A: but it doesn’t compare to being in the snow
Me: It was 1 when I got up this morning
A: 40s, rainy
A: it could be worse
A: oooh nice
Me: haha
Me: I’m back in the city now and it’s about 15 here
A: oh you meant 1 F not 1PM
A: not so nice
Me: haha, yes. 1F
Me: ok, I’m gonna go run some errands.
Me: I will talk to you soon. Stay warm!
A: i’m more concerned about being warm
Me: you should be concerned about being warm…you don’t have a proper car..


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