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me: I can’t afford my contacts.

  w/o using a cc
 A: i can’t afford a hair cut
  we suck
 me: haha, we’re pathetic
 A: lol i know
me: welcome to being 20-something and independant.
 A: 20-Something: It’s Not As Fun As It Sounds 

So right now I’m very concerned with my grown up finances and paying things off and saving money and still being able to have fun.  I’ve always been a money saver.  It’s what my family knows me as…but when I moved here, those funds were quickly dried up.  I am now back to saving money, as well as paying off a credit card and student loans from grad school.  Luckily I have no undergrad loans as I have a very generous family.  They would have paid for grad school too if I’d let them, but when I was looking at grad schools they said they would not pay for it, so I held to that, although they offered.

Since I am in the process of paying off loans and a cc (I’ve been good about never achieving an extraordinary balance), I have taken interest in both my spending limit and my interest levels.  Of course, your spending limit increases when they feel like you can handle spending more money, which I suppose is flattering, but I for no reason need to spend so much money that I don’t have, so I called and had my credit limit decreased by over 50%.  While I was on the phone, I also thought it may be worth my time to ask about getting my interest rate lowered, because, all it really takes is asking…

As of my last billing period my interest rate was 17.55%.  That is effing insane!  I was given 2 choices, have it lowered for the life of my cc to 6% + the market % or something, bringing it to about 12%, but it could fluctuate as that second percentage changes, or I could lower it to 7.99% for the next 7 months.  After that 7 months I will have to call again and have it lowered again.  Hopefully in that time though I can pay it off and close it.  To me it makes the most sense to pay the lowest percentage possible, if this is by way of a temporary interest rate, so be it.

As for my student loans, I have 2.  1 for each year of grad school.  My interest rates on those are quite reasonable.  My min payment a month is significant and scares me a bit, but if I pay the minimum it will take me 10 years to pay off my loans.  Because of this I pay more.  Not much more, but it’s what I can afford.  I’d like to pay these off in 5 years, here’s hoping for a raise!


What if…

I think my mom is mad at me.  I don’t think she’s actually mad though, I think she’s just quite disappointed.  Maybe with me, maybe with my brother, maybe with the way we grew up and never blew out a real, adult sibling relationship.  My brother is on a plane right now that is headed for Afghanistan where he will be for more than 400 days.  I haven’t spoken to him since about 2 days after Christmas.  I don’t want to.  I don’t really hold grudges, but I cannot get past who my brother is and how he treats our family.  I don’t want to talk to him.  He texted me on my birthday, which I did answer, and then he called me the other day while in the car with my parents on his way to the airport to go back to Ft. Bragg.

He may have called one other time in January, but I don’t think so.  I didn’t pick up his call and I didn’t return it.  Since he was in the car with mom when he called me, she asked if I talked to him.  I said no and she said to make sure I call him back.  I told her I didn’t want to, that in fact, I haven’t spoken to him since Christmas.  I know this hurt her feelings.  She is afraid he’s not going to come back from Afghanistan.  He might, he might not, and I’m sure that if he doesn’t come back I will feel like a complete ass hole for the things I have written on here, the things I have said, the things I’ve left unsaid, for not trying to get along with him better, etc.  If he does come back, he will have to be quite a different person for me to want to develope the relationship we should have.

Mom is going to be upset with me for not calling him back, and I have no reason other than I didn’t want to.  That may be an asshole move, but I’m not going to call him and make nice just because I’m supposed to.  It’s just not me.

Who makes me want to move to Australia the least…

Friend: not out tonight?

Me: It’s Tuesday.

Me: Should I be out?

Friend: yessssss, to celebrate Barack Obama’s Wisconsin victory

Friend: Let’s do shots of Hope!

Me: Sweetie, I don’t support Barack.

It really annoys me that because I am young people I know just assume that I support Barack. I don’t have or not have a ton of issues with him, but that’s because I don’t know enough about his platform and his beliefs/views. I do know, however, that I will not jump on the bandwagon of supporters from the youth who have emerged to support Barack because he appeals to them/us. Why does he appeal to the youth? I cannot support him until I figure this out. I know I disagree with him on abortion and gay marriage. I have heard his views on and plans for the Iraq war are less than stellar…

I suppose because I dislike both John McCain and Hillary, I need to sit down and figure out which of these 3 I dislike the least. What a way to choose the leadership of my country…who can I stomach the most. I would absolutely like to go on the record in saying that I will not support Hillary simply because she is a woman. I will not support Barack simply because he appeals to the youth. And I will not vote for McCain just because he is a Republican and that is the party I am registered with. Sometimes I really hate politics. I hate when it comes down to who is the best of the worst and is your choice only because they have a lot of money and a lot of friends with money. It’s so depressing and discouraging. I hate looking at where our country is going sometimes.

My biggest pep peeve

Pep, pet, whatever.

So I loathe when people are too impatient to let people who are on the subway train off before they attempt to get on.  I have taken to running smack into these people.  I should not have to wait to get off the train.  It’s illogical.  I should not have to wait, let people on, then shove my way out.

I’ve taken to unforgivingly coliding into people as I’m getting off the train who can’t wait an extra 8 seconds to let me off.  Yesterday I shoulder checked a man who was probably edging up on 60.  I did it to a woman in her 40s the other day.  Stay out of my way, let me through and then you can get on.  I really think this is the thing that makes me the most angry about commuting on public transportation.  Seriously, be mindful of the other 8 million people you share this city with!

Gotta get over it

Last night I found something I shouldn’t have.  I wasn’t snooping, but I managed to find it (accidentally – I swear) and now I’m skeeved out, but I can’t talk to the person about it.  It’s old, and has nothing to do with me and I really just wish I had not found it.

Birthday week

Last week I entered a new demographic.  I am no longer an 18-24, I am now a 25-34.  Scary.  On Wednesday night I went to mass for Ash Wed and then went to dinner with bf.  It was so cold on the walk from dinner to the subway, the wind just cut through everything.  I asked when New York became Chicago and found a button I didn’t know existed in him.  He swears Chicago is the windy city because of a presidential debate back in the day.  That might be so, but it’s still on Lake Michigan and any city on a lake is windy.  Then we went to his place and watched Project Runway.  I’ve successfully gotten him addicted.  Nice, right?  He gave me his present…a dress from J.Crew…very thoughtful.  It’s a bit too big, so I’ll have to exchange it, and I feel bad because I know it was expensive…that’s why I don’t shop there, but it’s cute and it was such a nice gift.

Thursday night I met up with some friends at a bar in the East Village and hung out during a Texas Exes happy hour.  A few friends I haven’t seen in a long time came out and it was pretty fun.  Then I came back to work to finish up some things before I left for Vegas for the weekend!  I stayed at work late and then went home, watched some tv, packed, showered and headed to the airport.  Kenny was arriving from San Fran as I was heading through security, so we met up for a minute, said hello, hugged and he went into the city as I went through security.  My flight was bording as I got to my gate…always good timing.  I made sure when I booked my flight to get a window seat so I could lean on the window, sleep, and not have to worry about letting people out who have small bladders. 

Once we were up in the air I put down my tray table, layed on it and passed out.  I woke up as we were starting our decent into Vegas.  The woman next to me and I started talking and she was saying Mel B. was in the airport checking in while she was there.  I had to have been there about the same time.  Where you check in is where I stood to meet Kenny.  I don’t stay on the lookout for celebs though, and now that I’m living in New York, I don’t really look at people…I guess it’s a New York thing.  I’m in my own little world.  Anyway, apparently Mel B. was there with her bubby and all made up and ready to go.  Too bad I missed it.

When I landed I met Tash, Aarti and Juli at a restaurant for breakfast and then we went to THE hotel at Mandalay Bay to check in.  I thought the hotel was really nice, other than when we got to our room there was something cheese wiz looking on the couch.  We called 4 times through the day to have it cleaned off.  Finally they came the 3rd time, made the beds and didn’t clean the couch off.  That ROYALLY pissed Aarti off.  We ended up getting a $50 credit for food or whatever and then $150 back off our room.  I also found cigarettes under our bed.  Wouldn’t have had I not seen them in the mirror.

We didn’t do much Friday, we just hung in the hotel…gambled a bit, explored and sat by the pool, ate…then we got ready for our show Friday night.  Tash and I went to see Love at the Mirage.  It was really an awesome show.  There was a lot of dancing and there were lots of really cool props.  It was a great show and the more I think about it the more I like it.  At first I was quite undecided because I expected a lot of acrobatics, but I think I really liked it.

 After dinner we had California Pizza Kitchen.  Then we went back to the hotel, changed, and headed to Tryst.  It’s supposed to be one of the hottest clubs in Vegas.  We walked right past the line…it’s a really nice feeling to have 100 yds of people looking at you wondering who you are.  We also didn’t pay cover.  The crowd really sucked though, the people were pretty terrible.  Even the girls who were hired to dance on platforms and wear Uggs couldn’t dance.  We were utterly disappointed.  I ended up getting a pretty terrible stomach ache and the girls wanted to go, so I went back to the hotel and they went on to Rum Jungle, which I later heard was even worse than Tryst.

Saturday we slept in, lounged, had breakfast, lounged some more, then set out to walk the strip.  I think this was my favorite part of the trip.  It was so nice getting to be outside in the warm sun and explore all the there is to look at.  We stopped along the way to watch the Bellagio fountain.  Very cool.  Again though, when we got to the shops, I got a terrible stomach ache, so I parted with the girls and went back to the hotel to sleep it off.  I woke up when they came back home and for the most part felt better. 

That evening we just hung out and relaxed until dinner.  Tash and I did a little gambling and made dinner reservations for 6 at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant.  After showers and the arrival of Juli’s sister and her bf, we headed down to eat.  I was afrait to eat because I wanted to be able to go out without a stomach ache, so I sat and talked.  The overall consensus was that they’ve all had better.  It was just alright.  So from dinner the 6 of us made our way to JET where, again we skipped the line and didn’t pay cover.  The crowd was much cooler than Tryst had been and we all genuinely like the club.  I had a much better time.  The guys were ridiculous.  It’s so funny how guys think they’re being sneaky and that girls don’t see them following us around and checking us out…they remind me very much of my mom’s cats when they stalk your foot or whatever.

So from JET we got to skip the line and not pay cover to go to Moon and the Playboy club at the Palms.  Again, I started not feeling well, but this time it was a migraine.  Seriously, it’s Vegas…wtf?!  So, again, I left the girls and went home.  I got home about 2 and the girls came in about 4.  They said it was amazing.  So, I think the overall consensus is Tryst – boo! Everything else – yay!

Sunday I woke up and was ready to go.  I was the first one awake, so I went into our livingroom (no kidding – our hotel room was bigger than my Manhattan apt – maybe the same size – maybe) and got on the phone with JetBlue.  I changed my flight from the 9:20 flight to the 3:30 flight which got me in to NY Sunday night as opposed to early Monday morning.  We checked out, had brunch and that was all the time I had.  Off to the airport I went.  My first cab driver hit the curb pulling out of the parking lot…wtf – you get paid to drive?!…and popped his tire.  He then made me PAY him for the 50 feet he’d driven me.  I was so angry. 

On the plane ride home I had an aisle seat and sat next to a couple.  The guy seemed like one of those jerks who seems to believe everyone should bow to him because he is a late-middle-aged-white-man.  That urks me!  At one point I laid down my tray table and layed down to try and nap…I was so uncomfortable.  He knocked on the tray table to wake me up.  Then when he got up and came back, he didn’t say thank you.  A second time later in the flight I was watching the Grammy’s and he just sort of – I really don’t even know what it was – snapped at me and said he needed to go to the bathroom.  Well, maybe if you hadn’t just sucked down 3 beers you wouldn’t have to get up so often!  Again, he did not say thank you.  Then, when we landed and I stood up to get my duffle from the overhead he kept moving toward me, so I backed up.  He got out of the row, stood directly in front of me, also blocked the girl who’d been sitting across from me…and waited.  His wife, like any normal human being, waited her turn to get out of the row and exit the plane.  Ugh, he made me so angry.

So I came home, didn’t unpack and passed out.  Monday I got out of bed about 3 to go to the post office.  I needed the rest.

Tuesday when I got to work I had cupcakes sitting on my desk…I’m all about celebrating my birthday still.

 Wednesday night we had our joint February baby bday party.  There was a pretty big group of us.  Good times, lots of fun and drinks were had by all.  All in all, it was a good birthday…and my stomach has finally quit bothering me.

My week

Sunday: Fly back from Vegas and sit next to an asshole

Monday: Stay home on “vacation” and nurse my second cold in 2 weeks and pout

Tuesday: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition release party

Wednesday: Joint Birthday party

Thursday: Valentine’s Day; relax

Friday: undecided

Saturday: get taxes done