Love is…

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about just exactly what love is and what it means. My views of love change as I change, enter into different relationships, grow, and love. I’ve always been the person who watched a movie in which people “fell in love” in 3 days and said, that’s just not possible. But is it really not? I think that you may not love them unconditionally in the way that you may love a parent, but that doesn’t mean you don’t love them in every way you can at that moment. Do you really have to know everything about someone to love them? Can you just love spending time with them and the way they make you feel? Is that loving them or is that loving a situation?  Some may say love takes time.  Well, how much time?  How do you know once time has passed that you really love and that you’re not infatuated?

So what makes a feeling love rather that infatuation or joy? I believe love means you are willing to do anything for a person. It means that you’re willing to forgive. When it comes to my relationship with my family, I know I love them and that love overrides all else. When I get annoyed or angry I just have to go to another room for a minute, then when we are back in each other’s presence I will be ok. Love to me surpasses all; it surpasses annoyance, irritation, grudges, selfishness, etc. Love to me means those things don’t matter.

When I say I love someone that statement is a vow from my entire person; from my heart and my mind. For me, to love someone is to put the relationship first before myself. Love means never giving up. My best friends and I love each other and we will continue to love each other dispite our faults, our errors, and our (sometimes) lack of attention. My family and I, the same; we do and will love each other, no matter what. I don’t want a man to tell me he loves me unless this is how he feels. To me, “I love you” means it’s not a fleeting thing, this means he is willing to work on our relationship and that dispite my faults, errors, and hard experiences in life he will still be there, and he will want to be there. To me, “love” is a vow.

This is what love means to me and I’m quite sure it’s different to many people, but this is my perception of it. Love can be the greatest feeling in the world and it can also be the most painful, but I still want it. I love to love and to give of myself. I am open to my next great love.


One response to “Love is…

  1. I love you… in the very sense that you mean it and it applies to our friendship… just thought I would make sure you knew :)

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