My biggest pep peeve

Pep, pet, whatever.

So I loathe when people are too impatient to let people who are on the subway train off before they attempt to get on.  I have taken to running smack into these people.  I should not have to wait to get off the train.  It’s illogical.  I should not have to wait, let people on, then shove my way out.

I’ve taken to unforgivingly coliding into people as I’m getting off the train who can’t wait an extra 8 seconds to let me off.  Yesterday I shoulder checked a man who was probably edging up on 60.  I did it to a woman in her 40s the other day.  Stay out of my way, let me through and then you can get on.  I really think this is the thing that makes me the most angry about commuting on public transportation.  Seriously, be mindful of the other 8 million people you share this city with!


One response to “My biggest pep peeve

  1. that was my number one irk in college…people who were waiting to get in to class and would mow down the people trying to get out of class. Hello! You have ten minutes and you’re already there…let the people who may need to be across campus in ten minutes get on their merry way!

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