Who makes me want to move to Australia the least…

Friend: not out tonight?

Me: It’s Tuesday.

Me: Should I be out?

Friend: yessssss, to celebrate Barack Obama’s Wisconsin victory

Friend: Let’s do shots of Hope!

Me: Sweetie, I don’t support Barack.

It really annoys me that because I am young people I know just assume that I support Barack. I don’t have or not have a ton of issues with him, but that’s because I don’t know enough about his platform and his beliefs/views. I do know, however, that I will not jump on the bandwagon of supporters from the youth who have emerged to support Barack because he appeals to them/us. Why does he appeal to the youth? I cannot support him until I figure this out. I know I disagree with him on abortion and gay marriage. I have heard his views on and plans for the Iraq war are less than stellar…

I suppose because I dislike both John McCain and Hillary, I need to sit down and figure out which of these 3 I dislike the least. What a way to choose the leadership of my country…who can I stomach the most. I would absolutely like to go on the record in saying that I will not support Hillary simply because she is a woman. I will not support Barack simply because he appeals to the youth. And I will not vote for McCain just because he is a Republican and that is the party I am registered with. Sometimes I really hate politics. I hate when it comes down to who is the best of the worst and is your choice only because they have a lot of money and a lot of friends with money. It’s so depressing and discouraging. I hate looking at where our country is going sometimes.


2 responses to “Who makes me want to move to Australia the least…

  1. Just go with the flow.

    Support Barack!!

  2. It always seems that we are choosing the lesser of the evils with politics… God save America!

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