Why tell me?!

Text from roommate 7:52pm:  “Our building is on fire!”

Response from me: “How serious are you?”

Shortly thereafter: Text with picture of firetruck ladder outside his window.

Um, hi, I’m freaking out, but was at Spring Awakening and there was nothing I could do from there…leaving would not stop a fire, so I texted him at intermission: “So, what’s up with the apt?”

Roommate: “Firemen r gone now but [sic]its still [sic]smoky, think it was on the floor below us”

 I got home after the show to a perfectly fine, unaffected apartment in which I wouldn’t have known the difference had he not told me.  I couldn’t smell anything.

Why did he feel it necessary to tell me when he was already in the apt and things were clearly fine and under control?!


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