Ridiculousness of work politics

I hatethat it is looked down upon for me to refer to someone as black at work.  Black is going the same way as the “n” word.  I wrote black and was corrected with “African American” more than once.  Here are my thoughts.  Not all black people are African, in fact, many of them have probably never been to Africa and I have certainly met people who corrected others when they called them “AA” by saying they were come the Dominican (or wherever they might be from).  Secondly, this is a description.  I am called white.  No one finds that offensive or feels the need to correct it.  We are working with a property targeting black people right now that has “black” in the name of the property, not “African American.”  So what, now the people of that description can say it, but I can’t?  It’s completely absurd to me and it really grates on my nerves!


One response to “Ridiculousness of work politics

  1. i told one of the black players that he had a black eye and he goes no it’s purple. . . i couldn’t respond to that . . .

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