Usually I don’t take the express train to work.  I’d have to take the local up one stop and transfer, so if the train is there sometimes I will take it because it cuts out 2 stops, but most of the time I stay right where I am for the sake of reading a few more pages.

Well, today it was early, the trains weren’t crowded, and I decided to take the express.  When I got in and got comfortable I looked around and saw a girl reading who had very fare skin, dark hair and dark red lips.  She looked very classic.  On her coat there was a no fur button.  Then I observed that her gloves, her handbag and her shoes were all leather

The flaw I always seem to find in no fur activists is this: they eat meat, they wear leather; what is the difference?  In my mind, people who are no fur are that way because they don’t want to hurt/kill animals.  So then should you not also be a vegan who only wears cotton?

Regardless of whether you want to wear fur or not, recognize that animals die all over the world every day to feed people.  So do you then waste the rest of the animal or do you use it?  Hell, if someone wants to wear leather, I’m eating a hamburger, do you can take from my cow.


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