“Thanks for being understanding”

I hate it when people thank me for something they hope I will do in the future.  “Thanks for your quick response.”  “Thank you for your patience on this matter,” after an email telling you what you’d planned isn’t happening the way you’d planned it.  “Thank you for being understanding.”  I think this last one bothers me the most because of who it came from and the context in which it was used.  I don’t want to be understanding.  I want to be selfish and self serving and have things my way.  I don’t want to share or give up.  I don’t want to compromise, but given my situation, that is something I’m having to learn to do. 

I just hate when people thank you for something you haven’t done in hopes of being persuasive and hoping you’ll do what they want.


8 responses to ““Thanks for being understanding”

  1. ah! I was going to end a mail with this line.
    Wanted to check with google if the usage was right and I drop into this site. :D

    I ended not using the phrase finally. : /

  2. I did the same thing as Hari. I searched to see if the syntax was ok and found this article. I used it anyway because the person I addressed it to was indeed and still is understanding. So I wasn’t forcing anything, I was just thanking the man.

  3. As an email support team member I hear these things all day long. Sometimes it’s in the client’s favor to do something fast like send a bill and they just tell me they can’t do it right now and they thank me for my understanding nature.

  4. Muhammad Salman

    Same goes here too like others. I was finishing my email with the same and checking google whether its appropriate or not and ended up on this article, not going to use it any more coz its understandabily quite annoying :)

  5. Same as others, was checking this phrase but decided not to use now. lol.

  6. I personally prefer using it rather than not expressing my gratitude towards a person who is assisting me beyond his normal usual scope.
    Even though it may sound bit cheesy…

  7. It is good to be nice anyway…I’m sure the writer is just venting so do not feel bad using it!

  8. It’s ok to thank someone in advance. Not all people find it annoying.

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