Clearly his mom picked up his room

When I moved into my current apartment, I moved into a bachelor pad. It clearly hadn’t been thoroughly cleaned since my roommate moved in. The bathtub was black and me scrubbing it twice with clorox clean up didn’t make much of a dent. I made him get bleach and clean the tub. Then I instituted a cleaning schedule. I figured cleaning every weekend was a little aggressive for him, so I got him to agree to the apartment being cleaned twice a month. One of us cleans every other weekend. This way, with one of us doing all the cleaning once a month it is a fair break up of chores. Seemes pretty fair to me. This was until I figured out he really doesn’t know how to clean. He doesn’t use cleaning products and pretty much thinks sweeping is enough. I asked him one weekend to make sure he starts using the Swiffer, so now he does that, but he still doesn’t use the Clorox wipes for the counters and I don’t think he knows the stove needs to be wiped down every time he cleans. He doesn’t know how to clean the inside of a toilet bowl, because when it’s my turn it’s already turning a funky color of orange. He also never cleans the shower.

Last weekend when it was his turn to clean he hadn’t done anything all weekend. In fact, he’d been in bed all weekend. When I was leaving for the gym Sunday night I reminded him that it was his weekend to clean and he said he didn’t know. Funny since I write it on the calendar in the kitchen I bought specifically so he wouldn’t forget. I update it every month and our kitchen is about 6×6, so it’s not easy to miss.

When I got home he had “cleaned” and I could smell the swiffer. He had emailed me earlier in the week though asking me to take out the full trash although I hadn’t been home for almost a week and the trash was clearly his. The proof in that was that he emailed me. Whatever. He approached it saying he was concerned abeout it smelling. I knew I wasn’t going home that night though, so I told him I wouldn’t be home and that if he was concerned about it smelling he should probably take it out. He didn’t. When I got home he’d only filled it more and left it for me to take out. Soooo, since I had to take out his trash I was going to make sure he actually cleaned the bathroom. When I came home from the gym the sponge that should be used to clean the bathroom was still dry. I poked my head into his room and said, “can you make sure you clean the bathtub and the toilet too when you get a minute?” He said he did. I asked, “with what, the sponge that’s dry?” He said no, napkins. Ok…napkins?!? You can not clean anything with napkins; the best you can do is wipe it down. The toilet is already turning orange, so I know he didn’t do that either.

I don’t know how to handle this correctly. Do I just suck it up until I move out? Do I show him next time I clean? Maybe I should just email him.


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