My dreams are rarely wishes my heart makes

Yesterday morning I woke up abruptly, but it took me a minute to realize I was in bed and all the feelings I was having weren’t real. . .

I was in Jersey at a party for some friends who were about to get married.  Tony C from elementary school was in town visiting and we were all having a good time drinking and hanging out at someone’s house in Jersey.  Mom and Dad had also come up for the weekend to visit me.  We decided to walk over to the Hudson to look at the New York skyline at night.  As I walked up there were a few people on the boardwalk along the water, but Tony and the girl who were with us hadn’t come with me.  I looked up and saw a 747 coming from NY toward Jersey, obviously just beginning its cross country flight.  Next thing I knew it exploded and came down not far behind me.  About 30 seconds later, while I was still very much in shock, a second 747 exploded in about the same place and also crash landed not very far behind me.  At this point I was scared.  After about another 30 seconds a third 747 came crashing just barely over the buildings that were surrounding me.  It had not exploded outwardly, but was clearly just as disabled as the first two firey planes.  At this point my parents arrived to watch what was happening with me.  A band of police officers also arrive to take notes on the situatioin as there seemed to be nothing else they could do.  All air traffic was stopped, but rather than being grounded the planes were stopped where they were.  Next thing I knew there were 10 or 11 747s hovering about 100 feet above the Hudson river.  They weren’t allowed to fly any further until authorities could figure out what was happening, although we all clearly knew it was another terrorist attack.  After a couple minutes the planes that were hovering in front of us began to explode, one after the next, starting from the north.  One would explode and fall into the river, and then another until there were no more planes, just firey metal floating on the river.

My parents were supposed to leave the next day and return to Houston.  I turned around to them and while sobbing told them they were not going anywhere for a few more days.  My Dad tried to comfort me and tell me they wouldn’t leave until Wednesday, but even the thought of them on a plane upset me.


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