I am a have not

I really want to go shopping right now.  It’s spring in New York, the seasons and weather are changing and I want new clothes to go along with it.  I haven’t been out to shop because I can’t afford to, but I have given in to walking into random stores I walk past occasionally and there are 2 shirts and 2 pairs of shoes that I know of that I want.  Here’s the problem with that.

Right now I don’t make enough money.  I can barely survive let alone shop.  After taxes I make just over $24,000 a year.  Out of this comes my monthly rent of $1047, cc bill (that is almost paid off – I pay way more than my min cause I actually want to pay it off), student loan bill (I also try to pay more on this than my min, but I can’t afford much more than the min), gym bill of $80 a month, $100 in savings a month, phone bill of around $40 a month, and I am left with roughly $75 a pay check for food and entertainment. 

In New York everything is more expensive in order to cover rent costs.  I spend about $40 a pay check on groceries and DEFINITELY use the other $35 for clothes or yarn (I’m making baby blankets for the twins my aunt is going to have in August) or whatever else a 20 something woman needs.  I have a ton of perks from my job and there is a lot I don’t have to pay for (mainly food) that I would if I had any other job.  I don’t know how someone who’s not me can get by on my pay in this city.  CC’s and no student loans?

I spent $50 on dinner Saturday night and now I feel terrible about it.  Next weekend I can’t go out.  I heart movie nights.  I just wish I had the money for a few new items to spruce up my spring/summer wardrobe.


One response to “I am a have not

  1. Come on now, you know very well you are not a “have not.”

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