Saturday was gay day

So it’s back to the grind of the gym.  After going probably 20 times in an entire quarter, I’m back on the horse.  I’ve been to the gym nearly every day of the last 2 weeks and it’s too soon to see results, but I did manage to keep my weight down from “average” while I was away from the gym.  Mostly cause I work all the time and never eat I think.  Now that I’m back to it I’m hungry ALL THE TIME though.  I’ve been eating pasta nearly every day, cause really it’s all that fills me up.

I hate not going to the gym regularly, I always end up feeling so gross.  I’d say I feel fat, but I know I’m not fat at all…I just feel really out of shape and I hate that feeling!  I don’t feel like I look good in my clothes and it’s totally a mental thing.  So going back to the gym makes me feel better and although I still feel like I look gross, it’s totally better than not working out and hopefully by the time I have to spend time in a swim suit I will feel happy with the way I look.  Until then I will continue to go to the gym every day. 

One thing that’s helping me is that I never have time go to after work, so I just never went.  I’ve been good lately about getting my lazy butt up and going before work.  I’ve also been good about going on the weekend, which has historically been my rest period…but if I’m not working out during the week, I have no reason to rest.

I haven’t noticed any weight loss or much change yet, but it takes time.  I’m around 133 right now, so we’ll see how long that takes to change.  I LOVED how I was end of my senior year of college.  I floated around 122.  I’m shooting for that again.  I don’t know that I can manage to lose 10 pounds before Memorial Day, but I’ll take what I can get.  If I can lose 7 or 8 I’ll be happy.  125 for Memorial Day.  That sounds nice! 


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