Isn’t the 51st state Puerto Rico?

About 25% of Americans have a passport.  This is a ridiculously low number considering how educated and rich our country is percieved to be.

Recently I was walking from work through Times Square to a happy hour.  Naturally, I encountered a throng of tourists.  I saw a foreign looking guy had his friend a camera and back up to take a picture in front of something.  I thought, “Ugh, tourists!” because, well, tourists here love to take pictures of buildings.  It doesn’t matter if they recognize it or not, it’s tall and they want a picture of it.  I promise any picture you can find on the internet will be better than your amature photography picture…go find it and save me from walking into you because you’re looking at the sky.  I wanted to see what energy wasting, building with 20,000 twinkling lights had grabbed his attention, so I turned to look, but instead of a building, he was perched in front of a SmartCar.

There are cars just like these all over the world and it seems to me we’re the last to get them.  We’re so progressive.  I was immediately disgusted at the lack of education our society seems to embody.  How had this guy not seen a SmartCar before?! 


One response to “Isn’t the 51st state Puerto Rico?

  1. haha i direct a similar angry thought at ppl taking pictures in Times Square: “I Dare you to take an original photo in Times Square. Any picture you take has already been taken a million times by a million other people…”

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