Earlier this week I wrote an email to my parents (we email each other during the day from work) and told them:  I could use a little stimulous in my life!  This was in reference to the $600 stimulus checks everyone’s been told will be sent out starting this week.  Yes, they do say “up to,” but if the cut off of peoples’ income is $75,000, I have to get $600, right?  I mean, I only made $21,000 last year and I’m not a dependant.  Today I checked my bank account and there was my deposit.  For just over $300.  Wtf?!  If $21,000 doesn’t qualify you for the entire amount, what the heck does?!?  So much for my spring shopping.  I already transfered over half of the money to pay part of my credit card off.  The rest will stay in my checking account to get me through to my next paycheck.  Without that I have $25 to last me for the next 2 weeks.  Yes, some people would be fine with that, but to put things in perspective:  Last weekend I went to the grocery store and bought 2 small plastic bags almost full of groceries for $40.


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