I’m a cool kid!

Last Wednesday night I met up with some co-workers to play volleyball in an urban league.  I have played volleyball once in the last year, but played ALL THE TIME before I moved here.  I love that we have a team at work!  I felt like I played really badly, but they told me I did well.  I blame my feelings of inadequacy on having essentially not played in a year.  I miss my sand volleyball days from grad school!  Wednesday nights were my favorite nights.  About 20 of us would meet up at a nearby church with car sterios on full blast and beers.  We played for hours.  I will never forget the night it started to rain and we decided to play anyway, we played while it poured.  My shirt was too thin and light, so I borrowed one from a guy friend.  Those are some happy memories!

Thursday when I was getting ready for work I noticed that my forearms were bruised and I couldn’t quite decide how I would have done that the night before.  Later that day I realized my red and blue bruises were proof of my setting skills.  I can’t swing worth a darn, I always hit square into the net, but I sure can set, so that was my roll all night.  I honestly enjoy having that responsibility.

My bruises are gone, now, but I was just given a copy of the team schedule.  Very few are handed out to a very select few.  I can now plan ahead and arrange to attend all the games with a team who wants me there.  I’m so excited for more happy memories to be made!


One response to “I’m a cool kid!

  1. The rain night was too much fun…. :)

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