9:30 and sunny

Today is the first of our summer Fridays.  We are given 6 do divide up over the summer from now until Labor Day.  Since someone from the team needs to be here to keep fires from starting, we typically get every other Friday off.  Last night was our first big rooftop party of the summer.  There was also a lingerie party among others.  When I got here this morning it was so quiet and uninhabited.  The city in the summer is such a different place.  People are always outside instead of inside their small, cramped apartments.  It’s weird to come to work where it’s silent and no one is around.  It seems like everyone leaves the city for the weekend during the summer to go to the beach or wherever.  I want to take weekend trips this summer.  I want to go to Boston and DC, maybe Philly, maybe Maine…whatever, I just want to take trips!  I’m so excited about summer…it’s finally getting beautiful out!


One response to “9:30 and sunny

  1. Nice that your work gives you summer Fridays. At my place, the execs take them but leave us all here. Not so bad, keeps me from getting comfortable here.

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