and I’m baffled…

I’ve never understood people who hate their jobs and are miserable.  The only reason they go to work is to pay a bill.  Don’t people want to enjoy life?  Shouldn’t one strive to achieve things in order to be happy?  I went to college.  Then I went to grad school to focus more on what I enjoy.  Then I picked up and moved across the country (for the second time in my life) in order to be in a place that is better for me.  How is it that people can be born somewhere and just get comfortable?  I don’t understand.  How is it that people don’t care to better their lives through education whether it be school, traveling, meeting people, etc. 

There is a woman here I work with who is the epitome of that person.  She was probably born on Staton Island, went to school there, maybe went to college there (if she went to college), and got her own place there.  She probably lives 2 blocks from her parents and I don’t think she’s married.  She comes to work in track suits and tennis shoes.  When she’s not wearing that she’s wearing ill-fitting jeans (kapris for summer), tennis shoes or sandals, and a tshirt.  She’s constantly going outside to smoke and she drags her feet when she walks.  This leaves me wondering just how productive she really can be an how happy she really is with her life.  If one is unhappy I lack the understanding of why they don’t desire to change it.  I guess there are a lot of people out there who are unlike me.


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