He looked like Richard Pryor

This morning on the way to work the train was exceptionally crowded and like people do, we waited when it stopped for people to get off and then started to get on.  Just as we did an older man walked up and got right in front of me.  He clearly knocked into me and I don’t know how he couldn’t have noticed it.  Then he didn’t even attempt to make room for me to get on the train, so without thinking, I said, “Honestly?” and pushed into him, forcing myself onto the train.  Afterall, I need to get places too.  Then, when we stopped at Penn Station, we were on the opposite side of the car from the doors that opened.  When the train is that crowded and you’re at a big station, you have to get it a minute for people to start moving so you can make your way to the doors.  Pretty much before anyone started moving he started getting antsy, trying to push and said, “I need to get off.”  The two women in front of him who were also clearly trying to get off the train while he was trying to push through them turned and looked.  I finally said, “We all need to get off too.  Chill out.”

I makes me so angry when people lack patience, respect, or basic common sense.  I can understand children and almost expect impatience, but with people old enough to be my grandparent, I just cannot tolerate the rude behavior expressed by this lack of awareness for other people and sheer impatience for the morning commute.  He didn’t get anywhere any faster than me because of his shoving, he only made a lot of people uncomfortable.  I don’t see how people manage to be so completely unaware of the way they do versus the way they should be treating people they share this city and its transportation with.


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