I <3 boys named Chris

Mike, this is not an opportunity for you to mention anything involving someone with the initials CG.  You did not always know it.

With that said, last Friday was my first summer Friday.  Regardless, I got up at 6am like any other day.   this  case though I did not put on my tennis shoes and call my bf to make sure he was on his way to the gym.  Instead I put on a pair of jeans and some sandals and made my way up to Rockefeller Center.  I know a producer at the Today Show and he hooked me up with tickets to the Chris Brown concert.

See, for whatever reason I have this irrational, not ok, totally pedophile crush on Chris Brown.  So I got tickets and went to the show.  Didn’t have to wait in line or anything!  Thing about public concerts though is the screaming “tweens.”  There was this tiny girl who decided to wedge herself in between me and the girl in front of me.  There wasn’t enough space, but she made it happen.  Glad she was a solid 9 inches shorter than me.  Every time CB even blinked in our direction she would jump up and down (sometimes on my toes) and scream at her friends, “OH MY GOD, HE LOOKED THIS WAY!!!!”

So the concert was pretty cool and watching him perform is pretty great, but really, I can’t handle teenagers like that.  I’ll continue to enjoy the summer concert series from the treadmill, but I’m really glad I got to go at least once.


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