The beach

I went to the beach this weekend and it was so much fun!  We woke up early and took the train out.  We laid out, took a walk, read magazines, played in the waves…it was perfect.  There was an entire section of beach just for surfing.  They were so much fun just to watch.  In the late afternoon as the tide came in we were watching the waves slowly come up and we were a safe distance from where the water was breaking that the impeding waves weren’t a threat to us…but this one really big wave came up over the hill the corrosion has caused and once it got over the hump it came back down to where we were since we were down.  I just sat there watching it and thinking, “oh, shit.”  It ruined all my magazines.  So sad.  Good thing they were at least free…but still, I didn’t get to read them.  So when storm clouds rolled in we left.  I got home and immediately realized I was pretty badly burned.  Someone I was with offered sun screen when we got there and I put it in the places where the normally burn (which is not many), but this time I burned preddy badly on my legs, butt and hips.  I’m blaming the reflection from the water.  It’s getting better though and it was definitely worth it!  Can’t wait to go back.


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