Monthly Archives: July 2008

Always left wanting more

Every time I go to Subway I have to ask for more vegetables and it always irritates me!  I get the same thing every time.  Ham, cheese, lettuce (which they seem to be fine with giving me a ton of), pickles, jalapenos, black olives and honey mustard.  And every time I have to ask them to give me more than 4 jalapenos and more than 4 olive slices.  Whenever I ask them for more they look at me like I’m an asshole and put on 4 more.  I mean, honetly, you put 5 slices of ham on my 6″ sub, but you can’t give me veggies??  It’s really irritating, and I’m so not afraid to ask for more…3 or 4 times.  By bf has sort of boycotted the Subway by the office, but I want to like it too much!


A bad business model

So for the blanket I just posted about I bought 3 skeins of this beautiful Malabrigo yarn and, unfortunately, they had a fire about a month ago.  I was worried that this could affect me if I ended up needing more, but I was confident when I bought the yarn, as were the women at my yarn store (Downtown Yarns – which I LOVE) that these 3 would be enough.  I finished the first skein yesterday and started thinking I need a 4th.  Also, it’s probably easier to get it now than it is to wait and get later.  Oh!  And!  This yarn is hand dyed, so the longer I wait, even though it may be the same color, it may not match at all.

Anyway, so yestereday I was going to go to my yarn store and get one more skein, but I called ahead just in case.  They, as luck would have it, didn’t have the color I need.  Today I called back when the woman who handles all their inventory was in to ask her if she could get it.  She said that because of the fire it would probably take a long time and that it was probably best for me if I call around.  So I did.  I called every yarn store that came up in a Google search.  All except for Knit New York.  I am so NOT a fan of that place.  Their yarn selection is limited, I feel like the women who work there have an attitude and they are WAY over priced.  NO ONE had the color I needed.  I called Knit New York as a last resort, and surprise, surprise, they had the color I needed.  So, I set off down there to get it.

When I was checking out I told the woman I had called every yarn store I could think of in New York and they were the only ones with that color.  She sort of chanted, “Knit New York!”…as in, ‘go us.’  I then told her that it was probably because theirs costs $3 more than other nearby shops.  She took my yarn, didn’t offer to roll it into a ball on their machine deal (which every yarn store does for free when you buy it), and stuffed it into a bag.  Then the other woman behind the counter asked me, well, did you ask them to order it for you then?  I told her I needed it now.  I hate that place!

What I did this weekend

This is baby blanket #2 I am knitting for the second of my aunt and uncle’s twin boys.  I got the pattern for free somewhere online (don’t remember where) and it’s turning out quite well.  It’s going quickly, I just really have to pay attention to what I’m doing.  This pattern is much harder to talk while I’m doing because there is so much counting.  I bought 3 skeins of Malabrigo yarn (which I LOVE) thinking it would be enough, but now I think I may need a third and my yarn store doesn’t have the color anymore.  Here’s hoping I don’t need it…or that I can find it!

Taking pics before we go out…

Roommate takes pic of tbf and me.

me: I look fat!

tbf: you can crop that.

Did he run out of thread?

So I was totally excited for his collection to come out on BlueFly this week.  I just went and checked it out.  Really, in 3 months he whipped out an entire collection, but since February (6 month for those challenged people) he has created 5 pieces between $200 and $600?  I mean, people will pay it, but that’s the best they could do?!?

Like when I was a kid…

I LOVE these!  They taste like Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries!  The Special K Strawberry Bars are my new favorite afternoon snack!  I bought a box on Sunday and they didn’t even make it all the way through the week.  Glad I have tomorrow off!

All organized like

I have a stack of business cards from people I’ve met in the last year that is about 5 inches tall.  Right now they are piled on my desk.  I am in the process of alphabetizing them so I don’t have to dig and try to remember how long it’s been since I met with someone to find them.  Now I have something to do on conference calls.