So everyone knows my brother and I don’t get along particularly well.  We are two COMPLETELY different people.  We don’t talk or keep in touch much, but every time I hear about a soldier dying in Afghanistan or a fight or some event there I wonder if it is him.  I know he’s been shot at and in “combat.”  We may not be close, but I think about him a lot.  I wish we weren’t so different…or that our differences didn’t keep us so far apart…but I also wish he’d grow up and think thing all the way through…I guess that statement right there tells a lot about our relationship.

Earlier this year I passed something on the someone high up that brother had sent me about their platoon trying to raise money for decent internet since it’s hard to talk to family or anyone becuase they can’t stay online.  The higher up said he wasn’t sure about just sending money.  He didn’t like the idea, but suggested we try to do some sort of care package thing.  I totally forgot about this and assumed it wasn’t going to happen.  Then, yesterday he asked me to come to his office and I was basically asking myself, “what did I do?  Am I fired?”  He said he’d talked to our CEO, our HR gal and someone in finance and they all agreed that we should send packages.  So, this weekend I’ve been charged with finding out how to do that and finding out what they need.  It makes me smile.


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