On the C list

I’m pretty sure Jillian Lewis from Project Runway last season lives in my building.  On the 4th of July I saw her walking with her bf near my building while I was leaving.  I wasn’t sure it was her, in fact, I thought she was someone I work with occasionally, but when that person told me she hadn’t been here that weekend (after a few days), I realized where I knew the curly, dark haired girl from.  Then someone told me she doesn’t live out here, so I didn’t think about it again.  Then this morning I saw her leaving my building with her bf and her dog.  When I got to work I did some snooping and found a video of her in her place…definitely my building.  When I got home tonight my roommate told me she had been in the elevator with Jillian and her dog on her way up to the apt.  She definitely lives in my building.


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