Always materialistic


Things I want right now:

-Plane ticket to Australia where I could go stay with Zach for a little while (Cheapest I found was around $1,600)

-Plane ticket home for Christmas – they’re almost double the price they were this time last year ($430)

-Great Dane ($1400 not includine “fixing” it)

-someone to pay off my student loan (3 years to go before it’s paid off)

-My library that is in storage in Houston…but I should get it in late Oct

-My bedroom set that is my old bedroom at my parents cause I had no way to move it up here

-The movies on my list of DVDs I want…I think it’s around 30, not including TV show seasons

-All the VHS tapes I own on DVD

I can’t think of many material things right now…I bought most of them.  Oops!


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