For about 3 weeks now I’ve been watching the price of plane tickets from here to home for Christmas.  Last year I started watching in July, but didn’t buy, then the prices just kept going up, so I kept waiting for them to drop.  They never do, so I finally bought in October.  I decided that this year I would buy in July.  Period.  When I started looking, tickets were $418.  That’s the cheapest I’ve seen and was just going to buy before they went up.  I wrote myself an email to remind me to do it when I got home last night, but of course, I’m on the computer all day and didn’t get on my computer when I got home.  Then this morning when I turned on my music I saw the email and thought, “oh crap!”  I went online and the ticket, for whatever reason, was $40 cheaper than it has been…so I booked.  I will be home the night of 12/22 until 1/3.  Can’t wait!!


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