Always left wanting more

Every time I go to Subway I have to ask for more vegetables and it always irritates me!  I get the same thing every time.  Ham, cheese, lettuce (which they seem to be fine with giving me a ton of), pickles, jalapenos, black olives and honey mustard.  And every time I have to ask them to give me more than 4 jalapenos and more than 4 olive slices.  Whenever I ask them for more they look at me like I’m an asshole and put on 4 more.  I mean, honetly, you put 5 slices of ham on my 6″ sub, but you can’t give me veggies??  It’s really irritating, and I’m so not afraid to ask for more…3 or 4 times.  By bf has sort of boycotted the Subway by the office, but I want to like it too much!


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