Tropical Storm Party

My dad keeps saying over and over, “Fire! Fire!  The sky is falling!”  Everyone in Houston has off of work tomorrow and I just got off the phone with my parents.  I asked them how the hurricane is and dad said, “Fire! Fire! The sky is falling!”  Then he kept saying, “It’s not a hurricane” and he’s right, it’s not…it is a tropical storm.  Buuuuut, people have been and will continue to freak out since Katrina happened.  I will never forget southeast Texas running out of gas, bread, and milk, neithe will I forget that people’s parents were coming to Austin from Houston to “get away” from the storm and spending 22-23 hours in traffic on the highway just to make a 3 hour (max) trip.  Fire! Fire!  The sky is falling!

Update: Dad said the wind got up to 7 miles an hour at one point.  Hunker down!!


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