At least the dress wasn’t white

The other night tbf and I were going to my place and were about half way there from the subway (1 of 2 city blocks).  It was thundering pretty seriously and started to sprinkle really big drops.  tbf had just enough time to say, “it’s going to pour.  like right now.” and on cue, like in a movie there was an absolute, vision inhibiting downpour.  It was like someone flipped a switch.  I grabbed my trusty umbrella out of my purse, but the wind was so strong that it did me no good.  At one point I think it actually turned inside out.  I was wearing a khaki safari type dress and sort of ran the remainder of the block to my building.  By the time I got inside I was so soaked it looked like I’d just jumped into a pool.  Too bad the rain didn’t last longer, I love watching storms like that…just not being in them.


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