House Centipede

Last week I was on the phone with tbf, mid sentence when this bug came crawling…more like sprinting…down my wall.  I freaked out and had nothing to kill it with.  I got up and grabbed my sandal and squished it.  When I looked at it on the bottom of my shoe it looked like it had multiple legs coming out of one joint.  Just looking at the picture makes my gag reflex work over time.  Apparently they eat roaches and are human friendly…so why didn’t God make them more human friend LOOKING?


2 responses to “House Centipede

  1. what like a butterfly?

  2. I am not so sure if they are that friendly though. I am still wondering where the bites are coming from when all I’ve seen in my house were those creatures, nothing else. I read that they feed on insects such as cockroaches and bed bugs so therefore they do keep a place clean. The only problem is….they like to munch on humans as well and/or anything with soft flesh.

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