Recent ridiculous things:

A woman got her arm caught in the subway door until it opened again 3 stops later…I didn’t think that could happen.

A dude took a picture of me in the subway on his cell phone.  That freaks me out every time it happens.

Bill Gates was on my flight out of New York on Thursday. (maybe.)

I ran into the people who live next to my parents in Texas in the Detroit airport.  They were on the same flight as me from there to here.  What are the odds?


One response to “Recent ridiculous things:

  1. I live in a very pretentous community and I can’t wait to leave.
    Anyway, I saw this today and had to share. In the middle of town there is a common area surrounded by shops, the library and restaurants. The common area is grass, flower beds,walks and two gravel areas that have park benches on them. On one of the benches is a sign that reads, “NO LOITERING”. ?!?

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