I woke up crying

I had a dream this morning that my dad had died while I was at work.  I didn’t live in New York…I’m not sure where I lived.  Somewhere smaller.  And I was a teacher.  Someone called me at work to tell me that my dad had died.  For whatever reason it wasn’t my mom, which made me mad at her for not telling me, understandably.  I was so upset at the thought that I would never get to talk to him again, never ask his advice or hear how he would do something.  I rushed home and when I got there, he wasn’t there, but I called his cell phone to see where he was.  He actually answered and told me he had died.  I started crying and told him how upset I was.  He told me that Aunt Kay was having a really hard time with it too.  I just remember being on the phone, listening to him talking and never wanting to hang up.  When we hung up I woke up and was crying.  I can’t imagine life without being able to call my dad.  It still really bothers me every time I think about it; I got all teary on the walk to work.


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