Political Interests

In February, when the primaries were happening, I decided I should probably register to vote in New York.  I filled out the paper, sent it in and about a month later they sent me a paper saying I’d forgotten to sign my voter registration and that they needed me to sign the attached form and return it.  I did…and never heard back.  About a month ago I called the Board of Elections to find out if I was registered since I’d always received a voter registration card in the past, as confirmation.  They said that I was not in the system and to re-register.  That made me nervous because we are so close to November and we all know how slow government offices can be at times.  What if they lost my application again?

No fear!  I just went on the Board of Elections website where you can look up your registration status and I am on there — registered!  Yay!!  What a nerdy thing to be so excited about.


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