Hurricane Ike

So recently I had an aquaintance from college add me as a friend on facebook.  On Friday I made my status: “MissLissa is annoyed that people are freaking out in Houston…the same thing that happened in NO could never happen in Houston – especially from a category 2 storm!”  So then this person who had friended me wrote on my wall, “Not to be rude, but I have friends and family on Bolivar Penninsula who have 3-6 feet of water in their houses right now.  People are being helicoptered off roofs.  It is serious.”  What’s with the “not to be rude?”  That’s not rude, it’s a statement and his opinion…we’re all entitled to one.  I then replied, “Bolivar Penninsula is not Houston, it is practically in the ocean.  Anyone who lives there should know to evacuate.”  Then he defriended me. 

Um…not my problem that people on Bolivar Penninsula don’t have the common sense to evacuate.  Also, Houston is 50 feet above sea level.  New Orleans is 30 feet below.  I’m bewildered and actually quite amazed at the fact that he defriended me.  I mean, sure it sucks that their houses flooded and may have been destroyed, but do you not sign yourself up for that possibility when moving to a place like that or one of the barrier islands along the Texas coast?  Same thing with the Florida Keys.

Anyway, Ike went through Houston this weekend and caused a lot of damage to trees, fences and windows.  The flooding was less than was being predicted and there was no major loss of life.  People will clean up and life will go on as normal.  Maybe I’m cold and heartless, but I just don’t see Hurricane Ike as something catastrophic.  Lots of people lost power and now a lot of them have it back. 

Here are some cool pictures a friend of mine took in downtown Houston.


The Chase building…the tallest building in downtown Houston…windows all broken out.


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  1. don’t worry about it . . . he was lame anyway.

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