What I did this weekend:

Sorry, no knitting this time.  Still working on the same shawl I’ve been working on for a few weeks.  I actually went out Saturday night for a friend’s birthday party…but now I’m sick.  :(  I also went to the Jets v. Patriot’s game yesterday and sat in the 15th row of the 40 yard line.  The seats were sick…and the game was a lot of fun.  I had a hard time picking who to root for because I wanted to root for the Jets because they’re a New York team, but my fantasy QB is now Cassel (since I had Brady and in my world he’s all but dead) and my defense is the Patriot’s D…also, I went to school with Wes Welker and I want to see him do well.  Ah well, either way it was fun.  Oh, and we sat by the old New York state governor George Pitaki.  I have no idea what his views or beliefs are, but I’d vote for him…his son was wearing a UT hat!  Hehe.


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