Life Step

I just reached a monumental point in my life.  That point when for the first time one rents a car.  I’m taking a trip at the end of October with my boyfriend to go visit some of my family who will be visiting Cape May, NJ.  I tried to make the trip down to meet them last year, but before 25 there are so many ridiculous fees they charge you for when renting a car.  I am now 25 and can say that I just got a ridiculously good deal for renting a car in New York thanks to Priceline.  I love that I can put in what I want to pay, now what they want me to pay.

So, on Halloween weekend, rather than dressing up in a slutty costume like everyone else my age (who doesn’t have kids), I will br driving my first rental car to a beach town 3 hours away to catch hawks with my aunt and uncle.  And I couldn’t be more excited!


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