Keeping it to myself…and whoever reads this

So I recently heard from a friend (Al) something I already knew, but I knew because the friend (Betty) it directly involves told me straight.  Al heard from the other person this thing directly involves (Betty’s husband, Joe).  Now, I’m sort of torn because I feel like Betty should know I heard this and that people know about it, but it’s absolutely none of my business, nor is it my place to tell her that other people know.  The thing that’s making it so hard not to tell Betty is that down the line this could directly affect her marriage whether it be cheating or divorce and I care very much for her – which is why it’s hard not to say anything.  HOWEVER, I know from other people’s experience and through experience of my own that it is NEVER good to get involved in another person’s relationship whether it be trying to help or not. 

I also wish I could tell Betty that her husband is telling people “intimate details” (aka. he’s not getting any) of their relationship that although she shared with me, her significant other is sharing this as more of a complaint and something that is wrong with the marriage (from what I gather of the gossip).  I don’t see why he can’t/won’t talk to her about it or bring it up at least…I mean, they’re married.  If there’s a problem you talk about it, right?  Isn’t it better for Betty to know that this is a problem rather than just something that is accepted in their marriage??  I would think so.  However, again, this is NOT my place to tell her I heard this from Al…I just hope her hubby eventually talks to her about it rather than telling more of their friends, thus creating rumors, and maybe somewhere down the line cheating on or divorcing Betty. 

I wish I could just tell my friend.


One response to “Keeping it to myself…and whoever reads this

  1. I say tell Betty. She needs to know.

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