Los Angeles

So I spent the last 4 days in LA visiting a friend from school.  I took the red eye back last night and I am exhausted.  I had enough time between landing to go home, drop my stuff, shower and come to work.  I haven’t uploaded any of my pics yet, but I took some really cool ones.  I got in Thursday night about 9.  Didn’t really do anything that first night – just got dinner and passed out.  The next day I went to a shoot in the valley and froze.  It was windy and chilly.  That afternoon I got an ultimate cheese burger from Jack in The Box.  It was awesome!  We spent the evening at the beach taking pictures of us holding the sun until it set.  We watched the waves and hung out.  I’ve never spent a significant amount of time on the beach, so I’m like a little kid watching the waves. 

On Saturday we got up at 7 and went to Mr. Pocket’s – where the Texas Exes go to watch games – where we watched an incredible game between Texas and OU.  It was so entertaining and loud and exciting.  Texas won and is now ranked #1!!!  From there we went to Busby’s in Hollywood to watch the Texas Tech v. Nebraska game.  Tech almost lost and the game went into overtime, but they ended up pulling it out and staying at #7 in the polls.  That night we went back to the beach and had a bonfire.  We watched the waves for a long time and it was so nice out there!  Oh, and we saw a crab.  Crabs on the beach totally amuse me and I really wanted to see one, so there you go. 

Sunday we went to Malibu so I could see it and we walked along the beach.  When we got there we started walking south, but then I saw a fin out a bit past the surfers.  I asked my friend – is that a dolphin or a shark?  She said if it were a shark, you’d see a little more of a reaction from the surfers.  It ended up being a whole family/school/whatever the correct term is, of dolphins, so we turned around and walked north to follow them.  I’d told my friend from the minute I stepped off the plane that I wanted to see dolphins and she said it wasn’t going to happen.  Well, guess what – it did!  There was a little baby one that jumped out of the water a couple of times.  So cute!  “Hey guys, look at me!”  The dolphins had to be following a school of fish which the pelicans and other birds were also following.  The pelicans kept dive bombing into the water.  It was totally entertaining – you would see this big splash and then next thing you know the pelican was just sitting there chillin out on the water.  We walked until we couldn’t see the dolphins anymore, decided to go to the end of the beach and then headed back.  We then got Taco Bell.  I love eating all the crap I don’t eat here when I go somewhere to visit!  Sunday night I got a migraine and fell asleep early.

Yesterday we went to The Counter for lunch.  It’s a sort of build your own burger place.  It was really good.  Then we went up to the Hollywood sign and the observatory.  Very pretty from there, but the city is so gross.  I literally couldn’t see the city through the smoke/smog.  LA was definitely not what I expected.  It’s much older and dirtier.  Definitely not jumping to plan my next trip out there.  I took the red eye back last night/this morning, couldn’t sleep and now I’m just trying to stay awake through the day.  Maybe I’ll post pics soon.  Definitely of the 2 hats I made while I was there!


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