My weekend

Friday: Dinner with tbf and his family

Saturday: Watched Tech beat A&M!  Went to Central Park and took pictures of fall coming!

Then I went to Hill Country to watch Texas maintain their #1 spot in the BCS.  FUN. TIMES.

Sunday: Mass at St. Patrick’s at 10:15 am.  It was PACKED and all the tourists hung around after to take pics of the Cardinal who performs that mass.  I’d never gone to it before, I wonder if it’s always that way.  Saw a pidgeon in the subway on the platform on the way home.  I felt really bad for it because there’s no food down there for it and it’s likely to get hit by a train.  *frown*  At home I cleaned and baked, then hung out with some girl friends and finished mom’s scarf I’ve been working on.  I thought I might like it better finished, but I don’t.  I like the pattern, but I just totally hate the yarn.


One response to “My weekend

  1. Ok, I had to rant about Texas Tech and the BCS. BCS stands for bull crap statistics. I’m sure you are aware that Tech is not in the hardest conference to play NCAA football ie The SEC. Tech is good but they could not beat Alabama, Florida, Georgia or even LSU. What does this have to do w/ you walking in the park? Absolutely nothing, it was just a anti BCS rant.

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